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Badminton races and sense of control

  • Update:11-09-2017
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       Badminton racket is the feather line tension (1 pound = 453.6 grams, 20 pounds is equal to 9 kg), badminton racket want to withstand higher weight, the material requires better, more demanding workmanship, of course, the cost of more High, more expensive
       1. Low pounds of badminton racks larger flexibility in the backcourt force and leveraging the defense will be more relaxed, but the badminton flight routes and placement, and the network ball is difficult to control.
       2. High pounds of badminton racket face hard, you can accurately control the badminton flight lines and placement, attack speed, network ball control easier, but the badminton racket users have a higher technical requirements, Especially the power of the wrist.
       3. With the improvement of their own badminton technology, you can consider replacing the better quality badminton racket, and for the badminton racket to pull a higher pounds of the line.