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The benefits of playing badminton

  • Update:23-10-2017
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          Treatment of cervical spine, shoulder disease
    Cervical spine, shoulder disease is sitting in the office staff of occupational diseases, so we should be prepared in advance to prevent. Participate in badminton, to coordinate the hand with his hand, hard to draw the ball, then your head to lift, shoulder to move every day to play more than an hour, bone hyperplasia is difficult to form. Therefore, cervical, shoulder disease is difficult to produce.
    Exercise eyesight
    Every day to face the computer, the eyes are easy to fatigue. Playing badminton when your eyes to follow the ball, where the ball, where the eye, one will look near, one will look far, one will see high, while low. Not only the body is moving, and the eyes are also rotating, playing badminton to make the eye in the natural movement, and gradually improve vision.
    Shape the stature
    People who have seen badminton games will find a problem, badminton athletes, both men and women, are very well-proportioned, especially female players, limbs slender, slim, which is badminton characteristics of the decision. The first time playing or playing a long time to play the next day there will be whole body muscle pain, walking is very difficult. This is from the perspective of sports science, the reason why these muscles will hurt, because these muscles have not been the result of long-term exercise. Like practicing fitness, which piece of muscle has a feeling, which shows which piece of muscle got exercise. Playing badminton exercise parts, other sports are not easy to get to.
    Enhance friendship, improve skills
    Before we entered the meeting we do not know each other, work in their respective positions. When the activities through the association, to understand each other's character, the real ball friends. Before you enter the game you may only play the ball, just started with the hair are not good, let alone on the ball, rubbing the ball, the ball, push the ball, the ball. Information technology is constantly updated. Now we all listen to lectures on the Internet, the association organized lectures, only through the game, to stimulate skills training, mutual learning between members, together to improve, the emergence of a number of high-level players.
    Beauty beauty
    Careful people will find that the badminton player's skin is very good. We all know that Sichuan, Shanghai, Hunan, Nanjing and other places, especially in the summer and autumn hot weather, seen South Korea, "Dae Jang Ge" people know that an actor said, the best cosmetic method is boiled When the meal opened the lid with the steam smoked about the face. Badminton is indoor sports, and avoid the wind, in the summer more like a steamer in general. Long past, the skin will certainly change for the better. There are many girls like to play tennis, but tennis is often exposed to the sun and the ground, the skin is not very good oh. Xiaobian make a very vivid image, in the pot fried fried dumplings and steamed steamed buns in the steamer, which skin will be better?
    Playing badminton with playing basketball, tennis, table tennis, is a strong physical exercise, its technology accounted for 40%, physical accounted for 60%, even if it is cold days frozen, a ball down the body will sweat, spring, autumn It is powerful, and the role of the body to adjust and balance, to promote metabolism, to prevent cardiovascular disease, physical fitness is very useful.
    Physically sensitive
    Play the people look are full of energy, fine Road, the body flexible, limbs diligent, playing badminton, the body joints are used on the skeleton, take a combination of pumping, left and right ball, square ball, varied, so that the body flexible.
     Brain enhancement
    Playing badge is the need to play the brain to play, not the brain hit the ball, there is a saying is to play the first hit the brain, to study each other weaknesses, fatal places, this should be due to people, people-oriented, adhere to me as the center to take the initiative Power to quickly as a magic weapon to win confidence in the win.

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