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Badminton racket of the purchase

  • Update:22-08-2017
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    To get the most out of the badminton, a good racket is essential. Currently there are many racket races sold on the market, but no matter what brand, should meet the length, width and weight, structure and other requirements. In this premise, according to their own characteristics to choose the right racket.
    First, the racket weight should be appropriate. The beat should have a certain weight, not the more light the better, each racket should be marked its weight, the general standard method for the U. Usually the weight of the whole carbon feathers are mostly 2U (90-94 grams) or 3U (85-89 grams), while the weight of aluminum frame feathers generally in 1U (95-99 grams) or more. The heavier racquet is for players with good strength and emphasis on attackers. The lighter racquet is more suitable for players who are defensive, and everyone can take what they need.
    Second, pay attention to the overall structure of the racket as well as flexibility and softness. Get the beat, waving about to see the earthquake did not shake hands. Shock of the pole must be too hard; do not shake hands, indicating that the beat better flexibility. This is very important, because the beat smoothly or not depends largely on the flexibility of the beat. In general, the greater the hardness of the control the better, the greater the strength, but the amateur players is difficult to play out, so should choose the type of moderate elasticity. In addition, the overall structure of the racket is also very important, including the size of the sweet area (that is, the best batting area of the racket face) and so on. When the hit point in the sweet area can give you enough hitting power, ball performance, vibration is very small, will feel very comfortable. The key factor in determining the size of a sweet area is the framed design.
    Again, the material of the racket and the length of the racket have an effect on the power of the ball. Now is the world of new materials such as carbon fiber, titanium alloy, high strength carbon fiber and so on because these materials are lighter, stronger and more durable can also absorb more vibration and shock, while the racket manufacturers in the racket hardness, Sense, hitting performance design has a greater play space. The length of the standard feather is 664 mm, and the length of the long feather is generally 674 mm. Lengthen the most important part of the beat pole handle, there are some models of the frame is also slightly longer. The biggest advantage of the long feather shot is to improve the batting point, increased the flash of the beat. The biggest advantage of lengthening feathers is to improve the batting point, to hit the landing point of the larger kill the ball and speed up the ball to a certain extent, increased the offensive to expand the area of the ball, if you like to kill the ball, Lengthened feathers is indeed a good choice. At the same time to note that the lengthened feathers will be more likely than ordinary feathers caused by the wrist and arm injury possibilities, while the flexibility of the plume has also declined, especially for the handling of the ball will give you a little trouble The But in general, the development of badminton is now mainly offensive, so now more and more racket is more and more!
    Finally, we want to watch the racket style. Many people do not attach importance to this, that only the structure and material is the most important. In fact, style is also a key to buy. Such as the choice of the handle is necessary to choose according to the size of each hand to grasp the handle handle feel comfortable is appropriate, hand big, holding a thin or square handle will have uncomfortable feeling; , Holding a thick handle is not commensurate.