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Badminton serve lines, placement and rhythm

  • Update:25-09-2017
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       All beneficial to one's own line placement, are good line placement, specifically the following three points:
       1, staring at each other weaknesses, serve different treatment
       If the opponent attack when there is a clear front and backcourt division of labor, then the front of the players serve, you can combine the stolen field, through the serve to suppress each other's net players. On the contrary, the offensive players on the backcourt serve, as far as possible before the network.
       2, according to the other station, change the service placement
       A lot of people in the serve when the time, have used to stand, which often reflect the other side of the fear. For example, the location of the previous serve line, indicating that he is more worried about the other side of the stolen field. Serve according to the other side of the station, adjust the placement of the placement, as far as possible from the other side of the body far from the placement, but also with the back of the field through the ball.
       3, change the rhythm of the serve, attack the hearts and minds of the first opportunity
       With the departure line and placement changes, but also pay attention to the rhythm. The other party must be in the spirit of a high degree of concentration, when you serve the rhythm and his calm and ready to grasp the rhythm of the highest point consistent, the serve is easy to flutter. In the case of the rules permit, the appropriate pause, elongated serve time, can play a role in destroying each other bang.