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Buy tennis racket

  • Update:15-08-2017
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    Here is a brief introduction to the experience of the next racket purchase. (Mainly for beginners and advanced)
    First of all, talk about tennis racket brand.
    Wilson (Wilson) is the world's largest tennis racket sales, the most professional players and amateur players welcome the brand.
    Head (Hyde) is a famous tennis player from Austria, Agassi, and other ATP players are using Head racket.
    Prince is a well-known tennis player that plays a very important role in high-level racquets in the world.
    Babolat is a famous French tennis brand, especially in the line and accessories.
    These brands are also divided into many models and series, different models and series are suitable for different players, such as: leisure, professional and so on. When buying should be based on their actual situation, select the appropriate for their own.
    Second, the meaning of the racket indicator

    Take a face
    95 square inches The following is a small face is generally suitable for large forces, stable action - senior amateur players
    95-100 inch between the face is generally suitable for moderate strength, relatively stable action - senior amateur players
    100-115 inch between the big face is generally suitable for the weak, unstable and stable early - intermediate amateur players
    115 square inches above is a large shoots generally suitable for the strength of the weak and middle-aged junior amateur players
    Attack 260g the following for the strength of the weak ladies and middle-aged junior amateur players
    Empty shot 260-300 grams for moderate strength of the early - intermediate players, is currently the most popular weight
    Air shot 300-320 grams for the strength of the high-level players
    Air shot more than 320 grams for powerful powerful players

    Balance: pts is an abbreviation for points, 1 points = 1/8 inch = 0.31 cm.
    Weight balance racket center of gravity is the midpoint of the racket,
    1 pts head heavy racquet meaning is the center of the racket from the midpoint of the direction of the head to the side of the 0.31 cm
    1 pts head light racket means that the center of the racket from the midpoint of the handle to the direction of the deviation of 0.31 cm
    The above parameters can be found inside the racket. For beginners and advanced people, the above three parameters are very important.

    At present, the production of tennis racket more and more manufacturers, the store has a lot of well-known brands, many do not meet the requirements, not only will affect your skills, but also harm the wrist. So, how to distinguish the pros and cons of the racket? The method is simple. As long as you look at the racket combination of the site (triangle) to see if a molding, while others are fixed with two screws on both sides. There is no more than a few parameters.
    As the beginner's action is not standardized, unstable, often like violent play, power shot, it is easy to hurt, long-term will appear tennis elbow. Therefore, beginners need a good beat, usually a good beat bat feel good, sweet area, the wrist of the small vibration. As the beat has a shock design, can effectively protect the wrist. Avoid the production of tennis elbow.