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How do you eat badminton in autumn and winter?

  • Update:09-10-2017
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       After eleven, the weather cooler, the official will be into the autumn rhythm. For badminton enthusiasts, autumn and winter is the best season to play: the temperature gradually reduced, the oxygen content of the air gradually reduced, if to ensure that several times a week badminton, both can adjust the cardiopulmonary function, but also enhance the tissues and organs Of the immune function, but also greatly improve the body to the outside world to stimulate the cold resistance and adaptability. However, due to changes in temperature and humidity in autumn and winter is more frequent, often alternating hot and cold situation, this time need to pay more attention to the usual way to play and eating habits, or play not only will not exercise, but will be counterproductive, causing harm to the body.
       Here, for autumn and winter how reasonable and proper exercise diet, badminton Jun give you some practical advice for your reference:
       Before playing: fasting too full should not be recommended to drink light honey water, eat bread
       Winter winter and winter sports to consume more energy, the body's reserves through the daily life of the consumption has been running out. If you play in a fasting state, easily lead to hypoglycemia, dizziness and even fainted situation.
       Therefore, the proposed golfers in the play before the drink light honey water, eat a piece of bread to ensure that the body's energy supply.
       In the play: must continue to add sports drinks
       Badminton is a whole body and high energy consumption movement, in the process of playing badminton body will lose a lot of glycogen, minerals and vitamins. If exercise for too long, it is recommended to drink the right amount of honey water or sports drinks to prevent hypoglycemia and the emergence of dizziness, sweating and limb weakness.
       Need to focus on the next: in the course of playing the water do not drink too much, the best can be divided into drinking, such as 20 minutes each exercise, drink 150-200 ml drink.
       After playing: need to add a reasonable nutrition and moisture
    10 minutes after exercise can drink 100-200ML of water. Generally in 30 minutes after the body has been completely completely breathing, began a lot of water, you can drink about 2 bottles of about 1100ML or so. The general principle of drinking water is followed by a small number of times.
       Do not immediately after exercise to eat solid food, at least 30 minutes to rest, until the heart and lung function and digestive system to restore a stable state can eat some digestible food.
       Two hours after exercise, need to add protein in time. Such as milk, egg white, legume food, whey protein powder, so that the body's muscles fully absorb sugar, for the next movement to do the energy preparation.
        The most important thing to emphasize is: a lot of golfers have the habit of drinking dinner after dinner, the bad habits must be resolutely put an end to. Strenuous exercise after the human body function will be in a high level of state, this time will cause the body to drink faster absorption of alcohol into the blood into the blood. On the human body's liver, stomach and other organs of the harm will be more serious. Alcohol in the need for liver decomposition of ethanol, in the process need to consume a lot of vitamin B1, will increase the body's pain after exercise.