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How should the badminton racket be maintained?

  • Update:25-07-2017
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    The racket line of badminton belongs to the consumable, if it is found that the hair line has fluff phenomenon and obvious crack, it needs to change the racket line in time. In general, it is not recommended that a new racquet be replaced until the line is broken so as not to cause irreversible changes in the shape of the racket.
    Hand glue is the most frequently replaced item in the racket, especially during the wet summer. Hand glue needs to be replaced in time. This will not only maintain the correct grip when gripping, but also prevent the racket from slipping and causing bruising.
    If the excess badminton racket is idle for long periods of time, it should be cut, flat or hung. Don't let the racket with strings idle, nor thrown on the ground, so as not to affect the normal use of the racket racket deformation. Wear the line to pay attention to, to extend the life of the racket, find some lines to pay attention to the shop to wear the line, do not look through the line of technology, the impact on the racket life, playing feeling, absolutely different! The most common way to pull a wire through is called a two point threading method. It is easy to use a hook to draw the line. It is broken quickly, and it is easy to lose weight and thread. There is a 4 point line method, there are 4 nodes, they separately wear, first pull bar, pulled from the top of the middle racket. Without hooks, the line has a longer life, and it's not easy to lose pounds and take the line. Take a high line pressure ratio of 10%, the general is two pounds. The number of drawing pounds should be no more than 1.2 times the number of pounds recommended on the racket.