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How to choose badminton racket?

  • Update:18-07-2017
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    1, badminton racquet's weight to the right: doesn't beat the lighter beat light of the wave speed is fast, but will not feel the spike up, it will affect the strength of hit.
    2. Check the overall structure of the racket: when you get the racket, wave it below and see if it's shaking. The handle of the shaking hand must be the connecting part of the racket rod (the handle and the racket head), this part is made of carbon alloy steel material. It is too hard; it does not shake hands, it shows that the bat is more elastic. The utility model can also hold the handle by hand, and when one hand is held on the top of the racket head, the arm is broken and the racket is slightly bent, which proves that the racket rod is more elastic.
    3, according to the actual situation of individuals choose their own badminton racket: for example, in singles, suitable for choosing longer type of racket, if belong to attack type player, should choose heavier weight, medium and rigid racket. In doubles, it is better to choose a standard length of racket, and if a defensive player, a lighter racket should be chosen.
    4, according to the size of each hand shape, select the handle, to grip the handle, feel comfortable is appropriate. Large hands, hold the handle or a thin square is not a comfortable feeling.
    5, pretend to look at whether the string of symmetry, each square cross string consisting of the same, the tightness of each string to be consistent.
    6, when you get a badminton racket, first of all to see the shape of its head, generally divided into 2 kinds, with a traditional egg shaped and square head of the flat shot frame. The badminton racket shape determines its sweet spot (the racket face is the best batter) size, because when the ball falls in the sweet zone can give players have enough power and possession of the ball, so the size of the sweet spot of the players is crucial, it makes it easier for players hit the ball high.
    7, badminton racket in accordance with the different materials, can be divided into carbon fiber, carbon aluminum integration, aluminum and iron and aluminum iron split. The choice of materials is directly related to the weight and price of the racket. In general, the weight of the full carbon badminton racket, is the main material.