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The choice of badminton racket material

  • Update:31-07-2017
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       A good badminton racket can be our badminton level full play out. In the purchase of racket, from the racket of the technical type, material, cable, work, style, performance to the racket's visibility, price, and so on all-round consideration.Badminton racket common materials are: high-strength carbon fiber, carbon composite fiber,
    1, all carbon fiber material, is currently the most important use of badminton racket material, all carbon fiber, toughness, but also take into account the lightweight performance.
    2, carbon composite fiber, that is, in the carbon fiber inside the addition of ordinary metal elements, such as aluminum, this material is relatively heavy, and toughness is not all good carbon material. Supermarkets sell more of this shot
    You can view the specific material on the beat or frame. Such as High Modulus Graphite is high strength carbon fiber, Graphite is carbon fiber.
    Titanium alloy, nano-materials and other rare elements to add autumn shoots for ordinary people and other types of no difference, little significance.