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The correct grip of badminton racket

  • Update:07-08-2017
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    Badminton is a very popular sport. Its rules are simple. It takes only a pair of rackets, a ball, an empty space and a net to carry out the badminton competition. However, there are many players who do not know the correct posture of the grip and fail to grip correctly.
    Correct grip
    1, forehand grip: grip the racket, vertical, racket handle end and hypothenar flush. The tiger's eye is aimed at the inside side of the racket, the little finger has no, the name refers to the middle finger and holds, the index finger is slightly forward, and the middle finger is slightly apart, the thumb is close to the middle finger, and the palm is not close Proper grip method for badminton
    2, backhand grip in the forehand grip on the basis of the racket handle slightly outward, the index finger thumb back, the first joint close to the inner side of the racket handle wide face, at the same time to handle end close to the little finger root gap, the palm of the hand.
    A common form of error grip
    1 the racket is too tight.
    2, the racket grip is too tight, affecting the flexibility of the wrist.
    3 the racket is not parallel to the ground. This will affect the action of the ball.
    4 holds the racket too far, the racket handle reveals. This grip is uncomfortable and affects the movements of the wrist.
    5 when holding, the thumb is attached to the upper part of the racket handle. This grip is very unstable, hard swing, turn easily.
    6 grip, the index finger stretched in the upper part of the racket. This will make the wrist tight, affecting the accuracy of the ball, easy to hand injuries.